(A peek into my head and the journal)

The internet doesn't feel like home anymore. I am well aware of the nostalgia blind takes nowadays but I honestly believe the early internet was better. Things were more diverse and we had much more freedom. Here are my issues one by one.


Everyone uses the same sites/apps now. its honestly sad. The thousands of sites we used to love just rot now. Being able to name every site the average interent user visits is deppressing

(Twitter,Facebook,Youtube,Instagram, and Google)

What happened to visiting newgrounds to see cool creations (not just some rhythm game) or the personal websites and chat rooms and forums and LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE THE WEB HAD TO OFFER...again it's deppressing, even down to the fact that this has also affected people's (next title hehe)


People do the same things now. all for attention!! Artists online draw the same characters for some likes, Everyone acts the same, everyone has the same morals and standards and OMG... its so dull! Nobody is original anymore, you cant find anyone that stands out from the crowd. i could go on about this but im gonna do that in the next topic. Before I do that I wanna just want to point out how boring things are now. the websites people are running to dont even look interesting. minimalism is just plain dumb, we went from the crisp limited color pixel art of the 9X PCs to the Smooth colorful graphics of Windows XP - Windows 7 and then we jump to a minimalistic style in windows 10 and users dont have any official way to change this. it's terrible... next subject.


We cant have this conversation without talking about this shit. I listed three companies that are the biggest offenders of this. Facebook,Twitter and Google. There are plenty more companies but these three open the doors to those for tracking. It makes me pretty angry to see people just give up their internet freedom willingly, like have you seen bios on twitter? they tell everything! Name,Age,Sexuality,Race and anything you could think of! what happened to the days where being anon was the standard. you had a cool username and you stuck with it. people do this and then wonder how their data is being stolen. another deppressing standard of modern web.

So What Should I Do?

There are many things but i'd suggest adopting some of the old internet traditions first, Some like:

Limiting information you share online

Visiting More Websites

Stop following modern internet rules by the stale users of today.

Stop using big tech sites like twitter and google.

I think creating your own html page would also be a terrific idea, there is so much more you can do on your own personal page than social media.


Share these ideas to more people, of course we can't change the entire internet but i believe a small subsection of the net can be made. Lets change the world netizen!

Find similar ideas to these.

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